Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mathematical Proof for an End Times Scenario

Gaussian Distribution

Above is a common graph used everyday by the professions of the world. It may be used to signify the strength of steel or to illustrate the rise and fall of Empires. It is called normal distribution.
Insurance Companies have used this model in actuary tables to account for the possibilities of a section of society that will die at a given point in time.
Let the vertical axis represent the amount, and the horizontal axis represent time.
Actuary tables portray the average longevity of people by the spike in the vertical, which represents average longevity of aprox. 78 years.

Further expanding this very general data, we may get more specific and see there are graph/overlays within graphs. For instance, the insurance companies know that women tend to live longer than men, and charge accordingly.
The more specific we get, the more detailed the analysis; the more information, the more money companies make. Insurance companies have perfected this to an art.

The striking ideology behind Normal Distribution is that it is derived by the law of averages.
There are anomalies, as with anything, which represents the lower edges of the bell-curve, with exact opposite values.

Probability of Intelligence & Morality

Given the same parameters, one can measure the average amount of anything, anywhere at anytime throughout linear history.

For the purpose of this post we will focus on the ramifications on society over time on the 'proofs' what normal distribution suggests on two specific subgroups:
Intelligence and Morality.

First, 'Intelligence' can be depicted on the scale that shows that most people have average IQ's. Some are below, and very few are above. Einsteins are very rare.

By the same token, a graph can be depicted for what might be referred to as 'Morality'.
I understand that term is very ambiguous, for what might be moral in one religion or culture might be abhorrent in another. However, there are common threads of inter-relatedness, or love for your fellow that is evident in both, with respect to charity, sacrifice, humility and honor. That elusive "in-touch-with-the-inner-child" type of innocence is what I am trying to illustrate. It might or might not have anything to do with one's worshipping of a God, or gods or neither.

Over Time

In the course of our recorded history we find there have been many very intelligent and highly moral people that have affected the way we live, the way we think and what we know to be true about reality. For the few that possessed higher intelligence AND graphically possessed high 'morality', society moved positively forward. This scenario has happened at times in history as well as it's exact opposite.
Due to probability, it is theorized that if something can happen, it will happen: If we pay attention to the bell curve possibility, the greater the population would suggest the greater potential for genius. The greater the technological advancement of society does not necessarily mean greater 'moral' advancements, but does suggest those with Higher Intelligence in positions of power will have greater capacity to learn from other's mistakes, and implement change with far reaching consequences.Those with those tendencies to be in the position to acquire power and wealth with a low morality index, it would be logical to assume that they would tend to beat out other High IQ individuals that would be less than ruthless.
Someday we might see ever-increasing, ravenous bands of highly intelligent cannibals giving speeches in colleges and receiving standing ovations.

The graphs can and do inter-transpose in a harmony that tends to be other-worldly in it's complex simplicity.

A holographic interaction with each group can be shown here:
You may have a very intelligent (rare), very good-looking(rare), very charasmatic(rare) man or woman come into society at some point in time. If you have a few extra years to throw 20 die on a table, you will someday get '20' 'ones'.

Historically we have had highly intelligent warriors, business leaders, and politicians that exhibited tremendous savvy in their field. Even shown showering friends & family with positions & wealth, while simultaneously exhibiting ruthless ferocity towards anyone or anything that would stand in their way.
By definition those that would stand in their way would have-by necessity- to employ the same ruthless ferocity until the weakest link was exposed and the cycle would start all over again.
Given the Gaussian points that very few would be born into a highly evolved intellectual state,and that some of those would not be too keen on the idea of sharing that knowledge with the world at large, or once they obtained it, the power or the wealth.

First Law of Thermodynamics:
"Energy can neither be created or destroyed". "In any process the total energy of the universe remains the same."

This would support Newton's law that for

"Every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction".

Ergo, if we have certain people that are very intelligent AND possess high 'morality', there would have to be the circular opposite: Low intelligence AND low 'morality'. Given that any possibility could exist (on the graph) it is reasonable to conclude the opposite would also exist.
Consequently there would be have to come a time when the graphs overlay and we would have a situation that presents itself with 'High Intelligence' AND 'Low Morality' AND Above average looks AND above average charasmatic draw.
Those, though they would be few and far between, would logically have the most influence on society at large.

Like attracts Like

An individual with high intelligence would be in a position to obtain a better job, or position of power, than a person of less intellectual capacity. Over time we would see a multiplier effect of those with means and potential meeting those whom already have established themselves, in a society that is increasingly becoming specialized, compartmentalized and complex.

In a Darwinian nightmare it would suggest that those who possessed the most ferocity and intelligence would finally come to the enviable position to understand the underlying reasons their mentors or adversaries had failed and learn from those mistakes.They would become more and more cunning.

In history we see that there are but few ways to rule:
1.By force (Imperialism, Empire building, Conquering, Politics).
2.By coercion and fear of eternal punishment (Religion).
3.By economic indenturing society (Direct or Indirect Control of Resources).

In the early years we see that most Empires rose and fell by either force or religious influences. Though it has been applied in one form or another throughout history, controlling of resources is by far provable to be the most effective.
Whether it is Applied Socialism, Communism or Liaise-fare capitalism the magnitude of economic control is applicable to all.
By this distinction, it is this writer's opinion that whatever form a country takes, the most 'intelligence and less moral', will by definition tend to gravitate toward this area of expertise or be in the position of political power to greatly influence it.

In time the immense influences of vastly powerful & very intelligent individuals will have a broad effect on society. Please keep in mind the law of Averages expressed here proclaim that most people would not:

1. Have the mental capacity or desire to understand what is happening to them.
2. Would not have the financial or political capacity to influence any meaningful change even if they wanted to.
3. Would not wish to deviate from standard moral characters (i.e. revolution, social unrest) unless a clear and 'provable' danger was believed to be present.

Another words, most people don't find it pleasant to 'Rock the Boat', as long as perceived rules are in place and perceived to be applicable to all.

We can see that those possesing the gifts mentioned earlier will have the capacity to influence the most people. Unfortunately those gifted without possessing a benign level of 'morality', would- without remorse- do the most damage.
Because most people with average capacities could be easily swayed to accepting certain conditions that by appearance are well and good, the reality would then become that the ones in power would have the added benefit of having the populace behind them.(Mob-rule or Mass mentality).

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

An Astronomical analogy to good vs. evil could be made with the idea that evil represents the same thing as a singularity, or a 'black hole'. Black holes have one amazing characteristic: They consume. The law behind a black hole is that gravitational forces are so strong from a collapsing star that everything-even light-within the event horizon will ultimately be sucked into the darkness.

"The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium."
"The entropy of a thermally isolated macroscopic system never decreases."

Since we are speaking of a macroscopic system (within human experience), it is apparent that once the 'kings' of the world gain power ,they would want more and more of it. Power,Freedom and Riches for their friends and families- but there is only so much 'stuff' to go around and fewer who will supply it cheaply. Another word for entropy might be Chaos. In Chaos theory any system tends to go from order to disorder, not the other way around.
It takes work to create, it takes nothing to let it rot.

The logical conclusion would be this:

After years of historical 'human evolution' there would eventually have to be some that would come to the place of power, and learn how to keep it.

The only (Non-divine)thing that could stop this model from totality would be in-fighting within their circles of power. Even if that is the case, the price society would have to pay to clean up the mess (assuming we had something to clean up), would be immense.

Chaos Theory

This theory suggests that even minute changes in any observed platform can have overwhelming effects over a limited period of time. An occassional 'unbalance' of either 'extra-moral' or 'un-moral' people into the societal equation can have extreme effects. When the balance is 'extra-moral' society moves in a leap forward with regards to spiritual, intellectual and technological discoveries.
When it is in the opposite, it does the opposite and very well might have the possibility to cause far-reaching detrimental effects before the pendulum swings again.

Even in the case of non-resistance, we run up against the analogy of unquenchable consumption,greed and corruption,swirling to it's own and the rest of society's demise; exacerbated by a small but growing cancer that would tend to draw other's close to it's low-moral center by the necessity of material needs, the natural charm of wealth and the aphrodisiacs of power.

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